Vintage beer

Aren’t beers supposed to be consumed fresh?

Yes, that is true in most cases.
However; a lot of specialty beers will improve with some ageing.
Beers; like very strong imperial stouts and porters, trappists, some of the stronger and spicy christmas beers and of course the dry lambics will continue to mature and develop for decades.

In the cabinet in the restaurant and our two temperature-controlled cellars downstairs, we stock around 500 different vintage beers.
These are beers that we have been collecting during our 20 odd years.
Some are extremely rare and hard to find. Some are not made any more and in some cases the breweries do not exist any more.
At this point we feel the vintage beers are for our customers who actually come here to drink.
Therefore the menu is not available on-line.

Shipping, trading and buying off trade:

This is something we do not do.
Swedish law prohibits us from selling beers “to go” or shipping them.
In Sweden we do have a monopoly situation and the wonderful and government owned “Systembolaget” is the only one allowed to sell “off trade” So everything you buy here has to be consumed on our premises.

When we buy special beers we buy as much as the brewery will let us or as much as we literally can fit in our cellars. So whatever we have in stock is reserved for our customers.
The beers are not a part of someones private collection. They all belong to Akkurat and therefore trading is of no interest.

We hope you will understand this and of course we are looking forward to your visit!